“The best answer and antidote against vicious materialism, wicked domineering, ruthless communism and all social evils is the real love, righteousness, and goodwill of noble-minded and pure-hearted individuals.” – Pr. OM Lind


The world is seriously in need of genuine Knights, not simple “believers”, daydreamers, good-wishers and parrot-like hopefuls.  A New Age is now ushering in, and the future shall belong to those who live in accordance with the basic principles, ideals and yearnings.

Indeed, it is not enough to have Faith, to make serious promises, or to pledge allegiance to this or that creed, party or Church: WE MUST BE AT OUR BEST AND LIVE WHAT WE CLAIM TO LOVE, CHERISH AND WORLSHIP.

The UNIVERSAL ORDER OF LOVE, GOODWILL AND RIGHTEOUSNESS invites all persons who believe in God and the Golden Rule – regardless of their race, faith or nationality – to JOIN this great Crusade to bring to an end all hatred, strife and ill-will among men.  YOU ARE MOST WELCOME.

All Members receive FREE a Course of Study on Practical Psychology.  No Oath of Allegiance, no Dues, no impingement on conscience, no limits of age, sex or social condition.