Esoteric Islam 

Here is a Lesson, published originally in 1926, that relocates the principles of Islam beyond than any discrimination or prejudice, linked to Sufism, which is like the esoteric branch of the same. There is no doubt that the phenomenon of the Jihadism and other extremism in Nigeria, Libya and Yemen, is causing a certain apprehension and discrimination for any mosque. There is no doubt that atrocities are atrocities, but when mixed with religious nuances create an irrational, dangerous generalization. Restore the capacity of sensible criterion is guarantee for all.

This is a Lesson of one of the Courses of Study of the WORLD UNIVERSITY OF RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

Note: ARIEL Magazine, June 2015




Essentials of Islamic Mysticism as embodied in the Holy Quran

Standard Teachings of The Order of Islam and the World Islamic University


         While we realize that this Course of Study is by no way an easy task, we would like to convey the right impression as the transcendent significance of Islamic Esotericism or the mystic Communion of the Sufis. Of course, it is not enough to enumerate and explain the different aspects of the multitude of Sufi Schools or Sufis exponents within the portentous conglomerate of Islam, which by itself represents one of the greater cultural and Spiritual endeavors known to man.

            We would like to render complete justice to Sufism or Islamic Esotericism, and in order to do this we have striven to conform ourselves absolutely to the genuine exposés of the Sufis themselves, to begin with, then we shall seek at all time to present a uniform Doctrine or Gospel after the purest Sufi fashion. This makes our task not only unique and unessayed, but really a challenge to our own better capacities as well as to our earnestness and innermost convictions.

            Needless to say,it is not possible in any way to deal on Islamic Esotericism of Sufic realization without resting on the principles of Islam. In other words, it would be preposterous to claim to speak about the spirit of Mohammedanism without making ample reference to the realities, portents and projections of Islam any more than we can speak of a garden without referring to the flowers.  

            Islam is, to say the least, the Religion of Pure Life or Godly attitude.

            Muslims themselves often lose sight of the deep and transcendent meaning of Islam, conforming themselves with a simple repetition of qur’anic excerpts and to still simpler Mohammedan legends and customs, which make Muslim tradition. Too little is known among Muslims, indeed, about the esoteric or Sufic aspect of Islam.

            Among non-Muslim people, the ignorance about Islam at large is really appealing, as nowadays people do not concern themselves with a better knowledge of Religions, or with a more exact perception of the meaning of the different Faiths of the world. What is worse, religious intolerance and willful sectarian or confessional competition, promotes a complete Spiritual blindness and mental obtuseness among their parishioners or adherents when it comes to consider other Religions of Faiths. This situation is, of course, sad, and so unreligious, so unethical, and also so antiSpiritual.

            We propose to offer here a Course of Study in the most objective manner possible. This is not a proselytical enterprise, and we are not interested in any way to convince anyone. Those who reach the Mystic Communion are already Sufis at heart. Our task consists here, therefore, exclusively in revealing the significance, meaning and grandeur of this beautiful Spiritual flower, which is Sufism.

            We should begin this great adventure by means of casual comment of Islam and the Muslim thought, so as to get acquainted with our task. This is,in fact,the only way to introduce this grand,pure Way of Life, to those who may need it, or to those who feel the need of a better understanding of their own Religion.

            The appearance of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad (May Allah preserve Him) marks a very special event in human history. There is, naturally, nothing casual about this portentous event, despite the Prophet is the synthesis of Islam, and Islam is everything that is worthy of consideration in Allah’s whole universe. The historic meaning of the Prophet’s appearance is something that can be comprehended only to the people who lead the simple life of the desert, and depend on a tradition of desert life. Still, Mohammed the Prophet of Allah is a closed circuit religious experience in the sense that His Religion carries a special meaning. Not that it is limited in scope, or not universal in purview, but because of the fact that it emphasizes a need of certain people who experience a desperate need of God at a time when religions – mainly Judaism and Christianism – prove terribly uneffective and delusory.

            It is by shere deception, truly, that these people sought a better way of life of their own choice. The Prophet of Allah was but a timely happening. Judaism was wailing over its own weakness and despair, while Christendom proven utterly uneffective as a messianic promise. Byzantium was already at its heightof power and wealth, yet impotent as a religious and cultural expression, although the memory of the depredations of Constantine the Great was still fresh. Also the phalanxes of Arabic knights were active everywhere in the Near East, making history for themselves with their own heroic exploits.

            Nationalism was not yet a developed concept, yet the prevailing Greek idea of free Cities was taking a wider sense as it included wider expanses of territory, as in Central Asia. The Arabs themselves had ideas of their own regarding racial integration, and this included religious unity. Much like the Mongols, the Arabs were addict to a tribal way of life, yet an instinctive sense of racial unity prevailed among them. God had to be universal – universal as far as their conception could reach. The Mongols were not so religiously inclined, so they did not lent so much importance to it. The Arabs, however, were fundamentally religious, and to them Religion was the primary motive, the fundamental aspiration and ultimate projection. Nowhere else in the then known world was there a more condensated religious belief as among the Arabs, and the Prophet Muhammad was the genius who synthetized and materialized at the same time this positive religious aspiration.

            Pythagorism and skepticism had also penetrated the deserts, producing definite effects in the mind of the desert dwellers. Oriental doctrines had also produced their effects there.

            The rise of Byzantium with its military characteristics claiming Christian qualities was only a factor of dissolution wherever it reached. In the Roman Empire, things were not much better, as the Roman Catholic Church had hardly emerged from the dramatic quarrels of the founding Fathers. The whole world seemed to the Arabs a terrible bedlam of God forsaken, treacherous, and vice-ridden people. The time was ripe, therefore, for a Divine manifestation in accordance with ancient messianic traditions.

            At the time, the Esseneshad already been discarded by the Christians. These had also managed to oust Mithraism from the Levant and southern Europe by shere use of force. The Jewish people were also merely an important dream of pan-Israelism. Asia and Egypt were too far away remaining unknown. The Arabs had to fashion their own way of life, and only a Prophet of Allah could save them by giving them a new lease of life on a basis of a historic Mission of Spiritual meaning. In fact, the whole world was offered to them, provided they be real People of God that is a Community who would live for God and by God, instead of merely claiming and waiting for Divine munificence.

            Islam is not, of course, as commonly claimed in anti-Islamic circles, an anti-Christian or anti-Jewish Religion. In reality Islam honors Abraham, Jesus Christ and all the great Prophets as real envoys of God and peers of Muhammad (May Allah always Grace Him). The fact that Islam had such a momentous effect on world history with an up-surge of moral and Spiritual significance never witnessed anywhere else, at any time, is ample proof enough that it has a profound human meaning. Furthermore, its cultural force is not to be minimized,since modern scientific progress rests much more on the achievements of early Moslem scientists than any other research workers. Muslims have proved great empire builders such as in Spain, Asia and Africa, without resorting to sadistic forms of military conquests, or ruthless tyrannical rule. Islamic philosophers and artists have proved matchless in their corresponding fields of expression. Even today, there is more democraticspiritand morality in Muslim countries, than in the rest of the world, and this is not simple propaganda, or hearsay. Then, despite the fact that Islam ushered in the sixth century of Christendom, it immediately produced great mystics, philosophers and scientists, and artists who made Islam the most extended and the morallyandSpiritually mightiest Religion on this plane during the first five centuries of its existence and until the eleventh century of Christendom. During that same time,Christendom was too busy with military conquests and tragic political squabbles, or ominous tyrannies. Christendom produced its great mystics and thinkers only after eleven centuries of existence. Islam has never waged any war of military or political conquest, although the episode of India is still an awful blemish on our history; still we set people free, not only from base superstition but also Spiritually and politically, and this is a record not equally by any other Religion. Furthermore, Islam has never held any people in subjection, against their will or otherwise, not being politically minded or interested in crude militarism.

            There is today a visible yearning for a polity of higher meaning, a real humanistic renaissance and endeavor to attain national self-determination and sovereignty. Islam is awakening in the sense that it seeks a better form of economico-social expression in keeping pace with modern times. Still Islam is Islam, and its true sense is to befound in the magnificent ocean of wisdom, peace and justice, which is the Holy Quran.

            It is mentioned in the Quran, which embodies the Divine Teachings granted through the Prophet, that the faithfuls of Islam constitute two great groups, namely “the foremost” and the “companions of the right”. The Foremost were really exalted ones, the elected ones among the chosen one, and their doctrine is what is known as Sufism.

            Much like the Sophia of the Essene, the Sufi of Islam stands for Divine Truth or Heavenly Revelation. It is, forsooth, the Mystic Communion, which sustains Islam, and Muhammad was its first and foremost exponent. Needless to say,the Sufi realization has its roots deeply thrust in Essenism as well as Judaism, Hermetism, Gnosticism and Christianism. During the first three centuries of Islam, in fact, there was no definite mystic integration, and the Sufi Masters drew ample inspiration from the other known Religions, without deterring in any way their own Mohammedan faith. The Quran has been, in fact, such a powerful foundation for the Muslim religious experience that it has remained unscatter until this very day. The Quran is no doubt the most read book the world has ever known, andalso the most devoutly revered. Its poetic beauty and philosophical depth remains in reality a challenge to world thinkers.

            The Quranmay not be accepted outright, by everybody. But no one with self-respect and Spiritual dignity will ever dare question its Divine validity and supra terrestrial origin. Sometimes, in fact, we wonder if it was really written originally with human hands, and if it was, then the Prophet Muhammad deserves the utmost admiration and love from all people.

                                                                           Mostaganem, 1926



1.- Who is the Prophet of Allah? Why?

2.- Were the Arabs a desperate people who sought Divine Life? Why?

3.- Were Judaism and Christianism successful?

4.- How was the world when the Arabs hailed the appearance of the Prophet of Allah?

5.- Was Muhammad the Prophet of God an enemy of Judaism and Christendom? Why?

6.- What does Sufism stand for within Islam?

7.- Are we interested in proselytical endeavors? Why?

8.- Is Islam Esotericism related in any way to Essenism? Why?

9.- Is Islam exclusively an Arabic religious experience? Why? How?

10.- What was of Byzantium at the time the Prophet of Allah appeared?

11.- Is Islam a great Religion? Why?

12.- What is the Quran, exactly?

13.- Did Allah, or God inspire directly the Holy Quran?

14.-Is the Prophet of Allah a peer of Moses, Abraham and Jesus Christ? Why?

15.- Islam is, today, about 300.000.000 people strong. What is the historical power of Islam? Can it provoke in any way a world political readjustment? Why? How?

16.- Who are the Sufis you know?

17.- Is Sufic thought powerful within Islam? How? Why?

18.- How many countries respect Islam, today, without being officially Islamic?

19.- How many independent countries are today, throughout Islamic?

20.- What is the meaning of the word ISLAM?




         The Order of Islam is neither a religious nor a political organization. It is absolutely independent, and interested only in the higher values of Islam as well as in honoring the best exponents of Islamic interests.

            The interest of publishing different Texts on Islam, and particularly on the Sufi Message to humanity, is merely one of humanitarian endeavor, and we trust these efforts in revealing divine Truth will serve the interests of God and Humanity at large. The whole world is now ablaze with fierce lower passions, and people cater more easily to infrahuman conditions and anti values, to devilish vice as well as abominable warfare, as if no one really had ever heard about any Religion, or as if God did not mean anything the moment settle their delusory differences or mind their worldly interests.

            Of course, we realize that this maelstrom of devilish passions is but an incident of world history. We feel positive, indeed, that thebetterinspired and more nobly guided people will survive as well as succeed in prevailing in the long run.Still, people must be Spiritually guided as well as strengthened morally so that they may build a better world to live in, and be real vehicles and living temples of the Holy Lord of Lords Allah, whose magnificence and wisdom and mercy are not only matchless but infinite and eternal.

            May the Students of today be the Leadersof tomorrow.




An explanation of the Essence or Spirit of The “SURA” of

The Unity”

         The reason for the revelation of the chapter entitled “The Unity” was that the tribes of Quraysh used to worship idols since before the advent of Islam, each tribe having a special idol of its own. When God the Lord of Lords sent the ProphetMohammad, (The Blessing of God be on Him), as a Holy Messenger, He exhorted them to declare the Unity of God.

            There is no Deity other than God, and Mohammed is the Messenger of God. The unbelievers asked: “What is this thy God, Ô Mohammed? Describe to us thy Lord”. And God, the All Highest, revealed the following:


(Say) ô Mohammad; (He) that is the ONE whom we Love above all, and cater to. (Allah) a deity necessarily existing, forever living, from past eternity to future eternity; He is the FIRST without beginning and the existing everlastingly; Mighty is He; He is the knower of all things; the Almighty. (ONE) unique, only one, one in Essence and in Quality. He it is to whom all creating Beings go in times of difficulty and distress and fear, and He it is Who gives them relief, nothing issues out of Him nor is He Himself an extract from anything. Mighty and Elevated is He. He has no son nor father nor partner. None is His equal, and None is like unto Him, the Mighty, the Glorious, His nature is sublime, far beyond our limited conceptions.

                        These affirmations are equal in benefit to the conscientious reading and observance of the third chapter of the Holy Quran. The INNER MEANING corresponds, also, to threefold aspects of the Holy Quran, which are, namely,

A) The Science of the Unity of God.

B) The Science of the Divine Laws, and

C) The Science of the improvement of the Soul and the Conscience.

As for the science of the Unity of God, the whole of it is to be founded in the Chapter of Unity

Keep faith all pure and undefiled. Throughout the Universe, behold, there is “God”, the ONE only, Eternal, Ever Perceptful, supremely Merciful, and most Magnificent.


S T U D Y       G R O U P S

“Be learned and wise, and life shall be a blessing to you”.- Kwang Hsih

“Be learned and holy and ye shall know everything”- Budha Siddhartha Gautama

            HOME STUDYING is sometimes hard and sterile. Some students cannot get to the point of their studies, or need to consult with other people who know more than them, about these important subjects under study.

            We have sought to remedy such difficulties, by creating STUDY GROUPS in all localities. It is to the advantage of all Students to have in their localities such STUDY GROUPS.

            Students interested in constituting a STUDY GROUP should apply for a Charter. Such a petition should be signed by at least six registered Students. It is understood, of course, that they undertake not to dwell on any sort of political platform or religious orthodoxy.Political partisanship and religious sectarianism are completely banned from our midsts, and they shall not be tolerated under any circumstance. Likewise, economic and social problems cannot be treated from the standpoint of any particular School of Thought or power-scheme or a domineering character, such as communism, totalitarian autocracy, or mystical absolutism.

            The WORLD UNIVERSITY OF RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is above all an institution of higher learning and a research laboratory; but it can never be a proselytical organization. Its main aim consists in preparing people for the better way of life and greater or universal citizenship in accordance with the nobler ideals of man and true Divine Teachings. We respect all Faiths, and seek the wider sense of life in real Spiritual values, which are eternal.

            All people are welcome as STUDENTS, if they are really sincere of heart and earnest in Mind. All we ask is the opportunity to assist them in their problems and endeavors toward real Success in life according to their best ideals, but we cannot do much unless they prove truly earnest and sincere. This is their main price.

            STUDY GROUPSare organized by the hundred, throughout the world, today, precisely to assist Students in their endeavors. The Course of Study by correspondence can be really effective only if Students study at their home, but join others in study Groups outside, so as to exchange ideas on the subject matters of each one of their Lessons. Besides, there, they are afforded the opportunity of having at hand a Leader who will coach them into the understanding of their respective Faculty activities.

            STUDY GROUPS have been known to develop into great Centres of learning, or real Luminary Academies. This, of course, depends on the willingness of each and all Students to help, and to engage in research. Each Study Group must, in fact, have its own “library”, which is placed at the disposal of all the Member-Students.

            There are, naturally, as many SUDY GROUPS as there are different Courses of Study and Training, as those Courses of Study and Training cannot be mixed up or studied together, so as to avoid confusion among Students. Students should realize, consequently, that they should have Meetings in Study Groups, for each different lesson, of each Course of Study and Training.

            Study Groups may hold General Meetings for each different Course of Study and Training, so as to reach a synthesis of concept, and round out ideas about these, all Students contributing, equally and generously, toward such a noble aim. This is, in a way, a contribution toward the advancement of their Fellow-Students. Class Meetings should be directed by a competent Student of higher Lessons. Study Groups are presided over by capable Students, duly appointed, for the purpose by the WURSS.

            It is obvious that each Student must answer himself or herself, privately the Examination Questionnaire, which accompanies each Lesson, - on the paper – and remit it to the Head of the Study Group, or directly to the Headquarters of the WURSS.

            If the Students remitted their Examination papers to the Head of their Study Group, it would make things easier, as those would send us all the Examinations together. The Head of the Study Group would also distribute the corresponding Lessons to each Student, only after having duly passed the previous Lesson. (Always use the quickest means of communication: AIRMAIL if possible.)

            Be diligent. The more earnest and sincere you are in your endeavors the greater understanding you will develop, and the sooner you will finish your Course of Study and Training.

* * *



Trust shall make ye free.” – Lord Christ.

“Study and experiment if you want to know like and be a real triumphant*.- Shri Krishna                                                                  

“Be learned and sagacious if ye want to be a leader of man and a true Servant of God”.- The Prophet Mohammad.

         Be diligent. Study well your Lessons. Do not procrastinate.

            Attend Study Groups if possible. It there is no Study Groups in your locality, constitute one. Group study better under the expert guidance of an able leader or lecturer.

            Be earnest. You can advance through your Course of Study only insofar as you exert yourself duly. Remember, you cannot pass on to another Lesson until you have duly studied and passed the Examination of the previous one.

            Spend at least 2 hours each day in Study. Plan the use of your time and efforts, and keep the promises you make to yourself. Promise yourself a reward if you keep your own decisions, so as to have further incentive. Try to keep one day without studying at all, provided you study at least four hours the next day in examining yourself as to discover your proficiency and progress. DO NOT STUDY WHEN YOU ARE TIRED. Then study only in a garden or in secluded place like a library or your private room, so as not to be disturbed by outside noises or interferences.

            De not simply read your Lessons. Study them really, earnestly.

            Once you are certain that you know the subject matter or content of your Lesson, make sure that you have well assimilated it. Make a general review of the whole Lesson to yourself. If you attend a Study Group, try to receive a broad outlook on the subject matter from your Leader or Lecturer.

            Only when you are certain that you know your Lesson you should answer the EXAMINATION QUESTIONNAIRE. While you make these answers, never consult your Lesson, as this would be cheating yourself. If you cannot answer your Questionnaire, study your Lesson all over again.

            Take your time. Do not be hasty. Unless you pass the Examination of each Lesson YOU CANNOT RECEIVE OR STUDY A NEW LESSON.


            It is better for you to copy over again all the Questions, then ANSWER THEM, on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure to mention the name of the Course of Study, the Number of the Lesson, your Student Number of Registration and your complete name and address.

            Send your EXAMINATION QUESTIONNAIRE to the Headquarters, which remits the Lessons, as soon as possible. We will rate your proficiency, and if qualifications are satisfactory the following Lesson will be sent to you. If not, you will have to study your Lesson all over again.

            No Academic Degrees are granted except upon satisfactory completion of the corresponding Courses of Study. We do not issue honorary degrees.-

Knowledge widens the horizons of our life”- KH