Author: Maha Chohan Kut Humi Lal Sing


These current days are rather troublesome days, and we may well confess that the prevailing confusion, the regency of chaos, the supremacy of hatred, selfishness, wickedness, intolerance, violence and crime throughout the world presently mark the characteristics of Man. Unfortunately, our Noble-minded Ones are unarmed in the world of such demons, and they should feel uneasy. But they may rest assured that the Spiritual Powers guide and protect them.

The world at large is now a battleground of exalted passions and audacious ignorance. ¡Men seem so impotent in the face of their own weakness and so helpless about their failures! They do not realize, of course, that they are the victims of their own lack of consciousness, and unwholesome inclinations. Humanity will not easily solve its problems in this career of displicence and wickedness, and not even a dozen great world wars will remedy present conditions. In fact, the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION which was schemed to guaranty Peace and Progress in this world of Man has already yielded to the dark forces several times in its first months of groping, condemning itself to utter failure in showing the way to humanity to new world fits of carnage. Anyhow this requires no mite of effort to people who are bred and born to hate, fight, destroy, exploit and give vent to greed and lust.

People who do not know the DHAMMA cannot understand its importance. They treat others with contempt, and they are prone on defiling others' qualities, because their Minds function negatively. To destroy is their devotion. That is why they have to be jealous and mean, and rude, ever prompt to defile or destroy, or even to martyrize and conquer other people. It is indeed difficult to understand how people who boast their religious codes and doctrines like some Western people do, can actually be so irresponsible in their ways of living. They ingest poisons purchased in the apothecary stores to avoid themselves pains, and they imbibe quantities of liquor made from strong alcohol to forget their misfortunes; they kill helpless hogs, bulls, sheep, fowls, to feed on their carcasses, or to suit their vanity; and they curse, slander or kill their opponents in commerce or in any everyday venture. They will resort to all sorts of denatured stuffs to feed on. They have cabarets where they may create artificial pleasures and heavens of their own. They will smoke tobacco, drink coffee, use perfumes, and even make homes that are more like prisons or sarcophagus than fitting habitats. Yet they vaunt their being Saved by a Messiah, or governed by God! These same people must wage a major war now and again, even if it is among themselves, and they of course feel like being the "Chosen Ones" to impose themselves on others in the name of their own God, or on behalf of their own convenient brand of Justice, Liberty, Peace and Democracy. Someone asked us a few days ago if what happened at the UNO and the post-war spirit was not rather perplexing, or demoncracy, and we answered that angels had apparently vacated this earth!