Bogotá, Colombia, the 6th of June 1940.


The Lemurian Fellowship

P.O. Box 586

Ramona, Cal. – USA.


Dear Friends:

It is now three years since I received from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, your precious plea for Spiritual Assistance, and, I must admit, I did not respond completely to your considerations. I did not fail in my duty as an Instructor, or as the All Enlightener of the Aquarian Era, as I am told, for the conditions of the world take up all my time, and even myself I feel like being an Army Corp, so multiple are my activities and duties.

But, as said the Budha Gautama, “BE YEE YOUR OWN LAMPS, SHINE AND GO FORTH TO THE WORLD AND GIVE THE FOOD OF LIFE”, for “THE GREATEST GIFT IS THE GIFT OF TRUTH”. I do not relinquish the task of assisting the Lemurian Fellowship to the full extent of my powers and abilities, but I Must say that there is an over-crowding of organizations in the world, and an excess of sectarian preoccupation among the would-be leaders of mankind.

I believe I´ve made it clear before that in spite of my rights to be proud of the Huighur tradition, as a direct descent and scion of its Imperial Courts, and because of my hailing from the very heart of Asia, I am not particular about reviving ancient splendor, nor interested in recalling primitive Cult and Spiritual Values. In fact, I´m actively engaged in creating a general interest and means for a modern SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE, and that englobes of course all the Spiritual Values and Universal Principles, which are Eternal and Unique because they are not subject to any time or space implication. This does not in any way reflect upon the character of the Lemurian Fellowship. I´m simply pointing at the needs of the present, and the imperative of this present historic set-up to enhance the category designs of life and the ultimate natural requirements of human nature.


All the religious doctrines and sermons, as well as the Masonic initiations, so far, have been simple conventional comforters of deluded minds, without in any way dotting short the illusions nor preparing human nature for a standard of living better than the one into which it has declined, namely: vices, instinctive passions, wrong and deleterious thinking, dogmatic and authoritative inclination, prejudice, egotism, pride, and stultification. In as much as neither science nor religion has taken care of human needs, I mean inner natural needs, mankind has change ways of living without ever bettering its standards; it has progressed externally, but not internally; it has extended its views, but nor sublimated then. Civilization is a wonderful emporium of commodities and precious conquests over material nature, without out being, but not a bettering of human morals nor a control, or even conscious canalization of inner energies. Ideas and theories have been marvelously complicated, and intricate secretes of the Universe have been discovered; but man is still as ignorant so ever about the biopsychophysical mechanism of his being and his own mental and spiritual possibilities. Education is a nice means of preparing man for professional welfare and civilized behavior; but it does not disclose the tremendous forces of our being nor does it prepare us for a control and complete mastery of our vitality. Nay, it does not even enable us to dispose at will of our mental faculties and forces, or to live as consciously as we would like for a winsome livelihood. Nor can we proud civilized human beings of 1943 truthfully confess that we can utilize the Universal forces, or contact at will the greater energies and entities of the realm of Nature at large. Sooth to say, is anyone able to eradicate INSTINCT and BIOLOGICAL HERENCY, or control steadily the trend of evolution of our vital energies? I´m referring to the greater part of mankind, and we may as well include in this bulk the consensus of the religious, political, mystic and philosophical organizations that proudly beast their Divine connections and stupendous “perfections”.

I´m certainly not being unfair, or too disrespectful. I´m referring to actual facts, and to pronounce myself otherwise would be to fail in my UNIVERSAL MISSION and oppose the SPIRITUALES VALUES which I´m whole- heartedly dedicated to enhance and enforce. Should I respect what is wrong and contrary to the inner needs of mankind? Is it not true that “initiations” as practiced nowadays, and religious cults, simply gratify the senses and cater to emotionally? Is not a fact that materialistic civilization is in open bankruptcy, due to inclinations of the mind towards instinctive gratification and sense delusions? It would seem that the Teachings of the Budha Gautama had never even been heard of, or that the merciful designs of the Lord Jesus Christ had been intended for the inhabitants of some distant and unknown planet.

It is indeed heart-rending to behold the great chaos of our present day, even without considering the usefulness of such a wholesale and gruesome destruction of men, peoples and patrimony, for simple unconformities and a common misunderstanding. We must in fact ask ourselves if that is what civilization amounts to, and if nineteen centuries of triumphant christendom could not have done without such a miserable and discoselling set down. There is no need, sooth to say, to consult Prof. Spangler´s “Downfall of Occident” to understand the hideous significance of modern trends, especially if we consider that not a single Religious Organization, neither in the East nor in the West, has sought to foresee or to prevent what is now happening. Nay, they not even paid attention to my words of cautions in 1929 and in 1933 when I explained detailed what was being concocted when the Customs preferences were put into effect, and upon Hitler´s enthronement in the government.

Recently, someone has tried to justify the present-day chaos, saying that the cursing trial that has befallen upon mankind is a Divine means of atonement, because Occidental Civilizations is perfect and is being guided for World control, meaning of course Europe in Christian attire. The spokesman for such monstrous heresy is no less than Monsieur C. Chevillon, the President of the Société Occultiste Internationale, who is also the Grand Master of the Martinist Order, the Supreme Grand Pontiff of the Masonic Brotherhood of Memphis and Misraim, the Head of the Gnostic Church, and the Supreme Magus of the Société ROSE CROIX KABBALISTIQUE DE FRANCE. The item seems inspired by the Wilhelm Strasse, or at least by some Politikbure and it is defiling to uphold such designs in our present times, unless we must be construed to honor the totalitarian devilish designs. We should of course hail the German and Japanese international gangsterism as Divine Blessing if we were to believe that Europe is now responding to Christian ideals and that the Hitler Order is the World´s supreme spiritual attainment.

Even the most conservative survey of Western cultural conditions of the present will disclose the pitiful set up of civilization, which is a direct negation to all Spiritual Values. One must be really mentally befogged, or intentionally prejudiced, to say such things as this great Initiate who apparently ignores that the Christian characterization has reached its peak of theoretic divulgation without saving nor even changing human nature and pompously impotent to stomp the down-flow of its materialistic civilization.

It is no doubt your own criterion that the Christ is yet to be discovered and that as long as the Christian Ideals are a simple sham no real cultured civilization will ever be possible. As for myself, I look forward to this new realization, when the Cosmic Christ will be duly and fully appreciated, and when these who profess to believe in HIM will actually live as inspired by HIM.

Other schools of thought are no better off. Spiritualists affirm that they are headed towards Spiritual Realization by the moans of science and Love, but bigotry, prejudice and sense delusions are still their mainstays and unique guiding compass. The Theosophist plainly affirm that their Theosophy “explains the evolution of life and the mystery of death”, yet they are engulfed in unless cosmogonies and abstract doctrines that make them live in an artificial world of their prolife imagination, which they prefer to the realm of reality. And the greater part of mankind is baffled by so many schools of thought, and otherwise decided to have their own saying to match the thousand and one contradictory traditions. Racial and social prejudice is strong everywhere, and human interest is rampant at all times. Let us not ask where human dignity and enlightenment is, for we will be confronted with the fact that they are known only theoretically.

Systems towards human enlightenment abound, but they are negative, because they are never enforced, or lived up to. They are simple dogmas, delusions, doctrines, ideals with a definite spiritual stain of appearance, but without whatsoever mechanism of Spiritual significance. There seems to be the spiritual urge and aim, but not the Spiritual Value and power. In fact, civilization is a synonym for “off nature”, ignorance of natural principles, psychosis, neurosis, prejudice, passions, vices, and sense delusions, and neither science nor religion is interested in any way in freeing man from such a hackles and bondage.

It has been my privilege to prepare a compressive method of rehabilitation of human nature considering he biopsychophysical needs on the individual, and in the absence of a better word I have called it simply YOGA, since its primary function is to reinstate manhood to its natural proportions and designs.

Needless to say that a person with a stock of hereditary atavism, whatever made be the racial link, it is bound to offer serious resistance to all essay of mortal guidance, or intents of educational control. In fact, it does. And although there is no difference whatever in the natural makeup of peoples of distinct racial character, we see folks profoundly divided by their own silly prejudices, apposing one another because of this or that dogma, waging feverishly tragic combats in defense of their beliefs and hypothesis, and creating constantly new complications to their living in a systematic derivation and separation from nature´s own courses. This, sooth to say, no religious rituals or educational system has ever prevented. That is why we now suffer throughout the world a sinister war.

Will men ever learn that their own petty delusions and their ignorance of natural trends are the common and primary cause of their miseries and sorrows? Will they ever realize that their selfishness, their passions, and their self-deluding items are the barriers and chasms that prevent them from being really happy and to enjoy the ectasis of conscientious living, faring in peace and brotherliness, winsomely, on the surface of this wonderful planet of ours? Will we ever see man recognize his errors and correct his own course of living, setting aside his racial and social prejudices, seeking a true solution to his economic problems, and tending to his multiple complications of mind? Will he finally develop a form of civilization bases on knowledge, control, superation and enlightenment of self? Will we ever enjoy a true DEMOCRACY, a method of living without fear, want, ignorance, prejudice, or belittling character and abilities and values?  

Religion and philosophy have done nothing to that effect so far, and if they have sought it, they have failed pitifully. Or shall we say that they did not try in the right way? Or they have not had the right inkling in regards to the question.

I have pondered at length your booklet “Lemuria the incomparable”, and have found in its considerable material of thought food. What has stricken the most my attention is the expose of the KINGDOM MYSTIC and about THEOCRACY. In consideration to the fact that I belong myself to the most ancient mystic empires, if not the greatest, by racial ancestry, the Huighurs, and to the most exclusive and powerful Theocrasy of all times, which has never been divolved nor matched in splendor and transcendency. I take pleasure in admiring the PLAN OF LEMURIAN FELLOWSHIP AND CITIZENRY-INITIATE IN A NEW ORDER. I´ve ever several time some of the passages of your program, and its deservers all my devotion. I suppose you refer to the COSMIC CHRIST when you write comprehensively that the Kingdom of Christ is the Lemurian Master Empire in its final phase.

You also propose as a challenge that the KINGDOM OF CHRIST be physically manifested in the form of the present LEMURIAN FELLOWSHIP, while mankind still has a chance to survive the impending world conflict. The purpose is wonderful. But as to the means you say naught. This forces my interest in your organization. Not only world organization, but also the education of the individual part of my vocation. So I´m been about your Initiation, and I hope it is not a simple “Dark room” affair, or one these hooded meetings in imitation Egyptian Temples. Please do believe in my earnest desire to assist to the full extent of my abilities, and if you give clues of your curriculum I shall procced forthwith.

There are two points in your Program which I wish to emphasize. At the bottom of page 51 you say: “It is fearless in its conquest of error and limitation and will uproot causes no other school has dared to touch. Which could these be? For the last thirty years I´ve been busy in this task, and my experience is variegated and substantial. My work has covered the entire superficies of the globe, and I still actually direct great Cultural and Spiritual Movements, such as ROYAL ORDER OF THE SWAM, the World Bodha (Spiritual Consciousness Movement), the Universal Gnostic Orthodox Church, the Spiritual University (Cuba, India, Belgium, Bulgaria, Persia, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt) and the Greater Budhist Governing Council, the which gives the handling of the Spiritual affairs of over a third of the entire population of this world. Then you say in page 57: “YOU MAKE THE DECISION WHICH WILL NOTIFY THE WORLD AS TO WHERE YOU STAND IN THE PRESENT SCHEME OF EVOLUTION”, a formula which seems rather effective to enlist goodwill. I´m interested in knowing to what extent it has been successful.

There are two other Movements in the U.S.A. which have sought to enlist my assistance in the past, and my experience with them has been such that I would not venture to repeat it. They are the “I AM” and the “AMORC”. I would not stand for further exploitation of my personality and prestige. Please do let me know more about your organization, and I shall gladly consider same ere. I put at your disposal the full strength of my abilities and Spiritual powers.

You have no doubt heard of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL GUILD, or UNION. It has been active since 1912, and has developed into a considerably important Worldwide Confederation of Incorporated Cultural, Mystic, Idealistic, Religious, and Philosophical Organizations. I am enclosing herewith some literature regarding same, and I hope you will considerer same to all effects.

You will appreciate that the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is all-englobing, and seeks to offer a practical scheme of life for the New Age, the Aquarian Era, and I know that this unique Plan will interest your organization.

My Universal Work is of a dual character. On the one hand you have the Teachings, that provide truthful orientation to all earnest seekers after Truth and Enlightenment, and the organization of human forces for a more winsome living. In my teachings you may also seize the fact that besides the guidance, which is of primary importance for human beings of our modern times with such a bulk of hereditary atavism and psychosis, apprehensions and prejudice, and other deterring mental elements, I foster a certain inner preparation of human nature throughout, so that the individual may be in a position to utilize constructively his own and invisible powers, which are for the most part utterly unsuspected.

I greatly emphasize the aspect of the human problem as a necessary CHANGE OF THE INNER WORLD, purposely. Since man is so ignorant of his own capacities and has not even the slightest mite of control ever his biological and psychic (PSYCHO-MENTAL) make-up, it is obvious that he had to be a constant slave of his own delusions and passions, of his false concepts and self-asserting, and of his environment and the eventualities into which he is entangled. But a well guided person who is also able to make a conscious use of his inner powers is undoubtedly and individual with certain assets which are preferable to the multiple handicaps of the one that is like a weathercock.

There is too much misconstruing in the world, among Religious, Mystic, Philosophical, Masonic, Idealistic, and Cultural Organizations. Thought as a FORCE is completely ignored, in preference to THOUGHT AS A THEORY, and the SPIRITUAL MIGHT, in the mechanistic sense, is absolutely disregarded as non-extant, and displaced the doctrines and dogmas of the “Spiritualistic delusions”. Much of my work has been focused on these great problems of the human soul, and it is not by shore stroke of luck that I have been venturing about with the insistent claim for an imperative modern SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE. And so far, I do not know of any books or work that can match my activities. But I´m all for you if you can prove to me that you folks are in earnest and intent to keep up to the highest Spiritual Values and best Universal Principles as I propound them. I expect no devotion nor any kind of allegiance: all I ask for is earnestness and dignity. I maintain myself on a Plane of Impersonality. But after my experiences already mentioned, I prefer to be certain that I will not be again exploited.

My insinuation as a Spiritual might may be synthetized thus:






I wish to remain as an exponent, or incarnation of the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES, with a dynamic implication of Life Transformation towards greater Realizations. Mine is a VITAL PHILOSOPHY, expressing a REGENERATING HUMANISM, substantializing an ECUMENIC REHABILITATION, and seeking UNIVERSAL OR UNITARIAN, ATONED, ULTIMATE REALIZATION. A above all, I resent being called a Messiah, an Illustrious, a Messenger of the Higher Planes, an anointed one, or even an Enlightener, because my Mission in a strenuous one, and I´m not satisfied with simply prophesizing, and I´m certainly not a pontiffier. I´m only an educator, a guide, a whole-servant of all life.

I hope this explanation of matters will aid us in reaching a thorough understanding for a future cooperation in glorification of Eternal Truth and for the benefit of mankind at large.

I shun on circled movements, circumscribed minds, or sectarian activities. They are simple TOTALITARIANISM in disguise. To FREE MANKIND from shackles is my work, and I accomplish my task in the Heart and Consciousness of all living beings.

May you enjoy my Highest Spiritual Blessings.


Lord Abbot

Pr. OM Cherenzi Lind