World Spiritual University

Non-lucrative Institution, exclusively cultural and of spiritual charácter.

It procures evolution through individual effort
We are Spiritualists, but based on Culture... and personal efforts

The Spiritual University does not concern with religion or politics

We do life easier to our students and initiate them in superior reality

The Spiritual University gives its theoretical and practical teachings via mail and from CENTRES OF LIGHT established in diverse parts of the country


We only hope that the people that receive the immense benefits of our activities
HELP US to support the expenses of our Institution.

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        • The genuine spirituality consists in achieving qualities, virtues and powers that allow us to improve ourselves and to succeed in all aspects of life. Indeed, the spiritual individual cannot be feeble, full of vanity, fearful, hypocritical, passionate, ignorant, a jerk or a failure.
        • Spirituality is to control impulses, to control your being, to awake the Conscience, to use practically your own potentialities, forces and faculties, to be triumphant over illusions, going beyond all limitations in life. Over all, Spirituality is the resultant of an ample internal self-nurturing. It is as well to receive and use positively the cosmic forces and to achieve mystic Communion with the Spiritual Principles and Universal Powers.
        • The weak, and those full of illusions and ignorance, cannot succeed in life nor have qualities truly spiritual. "Nature is always heartless with the weak and spirituality is always strong and invincible.
        • The lover of truth, mystics, masons, theosophists, spiritualists, etc., should consult and study our theoretical and practical courses.
        • Every mentally healthy human being needs to transform her/his self and life, to justify her/his existence with some noble quest, with triumphs and true ideals. Only this way, she/he could live happily, with her/his aspirations satisfied and filling her/his existence with successes.
        • We invite you to convince yourself of the many benefits that our teachings and practices -that will guide you- will transform and strengthen you, making you to succeed in your projects and aspirations. We do not force you to believe in confuse and arguably theories and doctrines.