Spiritual Universities



"The greatest Instructors of humanity are not those that preach to people "to be good" and "to obey" the law and commandments of the Lord, but those that teach how to live, how to confront circumstances and how to pave your way to success, to good health and happiness. Life, at last, is not a matter of sentimental doctrines and absolute dogmas; it is the result of human action that is verified in the depths of the mind, or better said, in the mind itself, that using its own mechanism, brings back conditions of life and produces those characteristics that will be its own".Cosmocracy Course


The World Scientific-Spiritual University offers special services and diverse courses of study. In these, it recognizes all human problems and prepares those sincere researchers of the infinite cosmos and true lovers of Truth for a positive conscious improvement, via knowledge that carries the individual to her/his self-control and intimate and integral development of her/his self. This allows one TO LIVE WHOLLY, free from all traditional fantasies and all the mindless sectarian prejudice (doctrinal complications) of all ages.

This institution constitutes a NATIONAL LEAGUE OF EDUCATION, made of diverse cultural organizations, that besides offering their members an actual NURTURING OF THEIR BEING, gives to the world a conceptual assessment that covers all branches of contemporary knowledge.

Every phase of mysticism, fundamentals of philosophy, the finality of religion, the naturalizing aim, the exertion of CONCIOUS IMPROVEMENT of the self, are handle in a theoretical and practical approach, in an easy and simple way, but without blind faith nor flamboyant rituals, attending resolutely to all natural and intimate needs.

All offered courses are outright practical and indispensable to everyone, to those that long for progress and prosperity. They avoid intellectual disquisitions and doctrinal and metaphysical vagueness. They are direct, since what they intend over all is to be effective and to obtain positive results in practice.

The Courses of study are exclusively destined to our Affiliated Members, and are private property of the Institution. This makes them strictly personal and as such they should be managed. The student ought to return them once she/he has finished her/his study or when her/his decides no to continue with them. The material of study is given to the student as a loan, and as such it has to be preserved in the best possible shape.

The Universal Alliance has to its disposal more than 80 different courses of study that are offer through its Educational Section. This is constituted by Seminars and Spiritual Universities properly affiliated to the Alliance. The Spiritual University in Colombia develops its schooling work basically through Courses via mail, although it also has Courses where personal assistance is required. These Courses are administered in the Centers of Light that can be found all over the country. The Courses recommend themselves since they are exclusive and prepared with utmost keenness.

Human Engineering, Human Sculpting, Human Metamorphosis, Scientific Integral Yoga, Spiritual Attainment (Bodha), Cosmocracy, Biosophy, Radiomind, Rose Croix, Spiritual Regeneration, Royal Art, Cosmic Cristic Consciousness, Multiconsciousness, Creative Meditation, Practical Introduction to the Mysteries of Life, Mental Magic, Endocrinology or Chakra Management or Management of the Centers of Power, Social Success, Leadership, Philosophy and Science of Religion, Biopsycoplastics for the Modern Woman, Sovereign Order of the Templar Knights, Esoteric Masonry, Conscious Attainment, etc., are some of the many Courses of Study, some publish in several languages.

Thus, such as the Appreciative Student says, to dedicate to these Courses of Study is an extraordinary privilege and an opportunity, a present that no one ought to ignore nor let pass by. The best key to success in life is precisely no to waste the great opportunities that some times fate offer to us. The Course materials are not for sale, they are lent.

"What Counts over everything else in life is no what we believe or dream of, it is what WE ARE AND DO, what WE ARE AND LIVE"

Due to administrative agreements aim to better guidance of students in their efforts to achieve a positive and effective transformation of themselves, in accord with their best aspirations, and taking into consideration the pedagogic character as well as the profundity of each one of the Courses of study, some Basic Courses have been established as requirements before moving to more advanced Courses.

Basic Courses:

- Rose Croix Course: Preparatory and Esoteric in character

-  Scientific and Integral Yoga: Different Courses for Youngsters, Ladies and Gentlemen...

-  Cosmic Christic Conscience: Available in English and Spanish..

- The Royal Art: Universal Esoteric Masonry.

-  Cosmocracy.

- Practical Introduction to the Mysteries of Life.

-  Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha).



IT COULD BE MOTIVE OF DEEP SORROW FOR ALL YOUR LIFE if you do not start right away one of our Courses that surely shall change your personality as well as your objectives in the best of ways.

Do not let pass by this grand and unique opportunity to make your life an affair worthy to be lived and to put yourself in tune with the Universal harmonies