This COURSE OF STUDY sets a Orientation and promotes a healthy and constructive Philosophy of Life. As every course of the Spiritual Universities, it is of easy assimilation as well as theoretical and practical.

Study with keenness but without obsession - for any theory - or fanaticism, being careful no to allow yourself to get too excited about any assertion until the same has not been fully proved in a practical way.

Keep your mind alert if you want to find the Truth, since otherwise, you would not know how to unveil it even if you stand next to it.

Keep your mind always open to criticism and ready to analyze. Do not hold yourself to any form of controversy. You should seek, by every mean, the full confirmation of those objects of your appraisals. In other words: DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO MAKE A FANATIC OF YOURSELF AND DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF A SUPERSTITIOUS PERSON.

Aim to a constant improvement and understanding, each time better, and aspire always to greater enlightenment.